Dan Jones

Guitarist - Composer - Producer


I'm Dan Jones, a guitarist, composer and producer based in Leeds, UK.

I first began learning guitar at an early age, driven by a love of music and a wish to emulate the Rock and Blues heroes that I grew up listening to. However, after discovering guitar players like Andy McKee, Joe Robinson and Tommy Emmanuel during teenage years, my focus shifted towards the acoustic guitar and instrumental music. These varied influences, along with the learning of recording and production techniques, have culminated in finding my own sound in atmospheric layered guitar compositions, such as those demonstrated on self-produced d├ębut album Stargazer. 

A recent Masters graduate in Music and Management from the University of Leeds, I'm currently working on the follow up album to Stargazer, as well as writing and recording original music in collaboration with Indian vocalist and fellow Leeds graduate Prarthana Sen under the name Break-Even Point.